If we are ill we know a building can affect how we feel. As healthcare designers we have a massive part to play in the healing process.

A well designed environment can result in measurable psychological improvements, increased patient satisfaction and safety, reductions in patient aggression, family’s feeling supported and increase in staff well-being. 

For good design we are conscious a balance needs to be struck between the technical and infectious control needs of staff and the comfort of patients. From careful planning to patient journey, to perfecting the acoustics and choosing hardware that limits infection, we have a responsibility of design to the tiniest detail.

With advances in medical science and technology, a shift towards healthy living and wellbeing together with an increasing ageing population, healthcare design is seeing a staggering change and we are proud to be at the forefront of these changes.  As an award winning architectural practice with over 25 years of experience in this sector we are aware of the different building types emerging and capital investment allocations changing.

We are experienced in delivering projects through traditional, design and build and NHS Procurement Frameworks (P21, P21+ and P22).  Construction values typically range from £10K up to £20M and the majority of our projects are on live acute hospital sites.

We have a strong reputation in design and delivery which is reflected by significant repeat business from clients and our results have won glowing endorsement from leading healthcare professionals and decision makers.