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Hull Royal Infirmary

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Practice has moved on hugely since the original designs and the disparate location of the paediatric service was a clear candidate for improvements to reach for appropriate and forward-looking healthcare provision.

The Brief

Remodelling and refurbishment of the Paediatrics Department comprising PAU, PHDU and ward with adjacent school room, play room, parents lounge and overnight parental ensuite accommodation, all linked to the adjacent Women and Children’s Hospital.

The Design

Multiple entry points were incorporated in to the design to accommodate step-up step-down processes for patients of varying conditions, as well as a sensory room, play rooms, nurses base and office spaces.

The ward is divided in to a six bed High Dependency Unit, a ten bed Paediatric Assessment Unit and 21 bed bays . Race Cottam tailored the interiors to this specific user group with feature bed heads and soft interiors centred around colour palettes and finishes for health and wellbeing.

To avoid the interior design feeling sterile or utilitarian, we engaged an art consultant to create a series of colourful, calming and ageless wall graphics. These begin in the circulation areas, feature prominently around the lifts to assist with immediate wayfinding, and follow through the entire new department, creating a consistent and recognisable path. Similarly, in the wards, HDU and PAUs, graphics are positioned on walls opposite the beds so children can view them – a seemingly simple consideration that has a big impact.

The Outcome

To develop the Paediatric Department, the design team worked closely with various stakeholders including the clinical team and user groups, to ensure proposals met the unique requirements of the brief and considered construction works in a live environment.

​After extensive stakeholder engagement the paediatrics department is a huge success. The design features of the parental accommodation comprising drop down beds and non-clinical spaces have been very well received and the positive impact of the new department is reaching all user groups.