Priority Housing Delivery


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Rotherham Council have contracted Race Cottam to assist the in there ongoing housing strategy.

The Brief

Race Cottam Associates have been appointed by Rotherham Metropolitan Council to deliver high quality and more affordable housing across the borough, supporting local people as part of it’s hundreds of new homes target.

The Design

The sites across Rotherham have been designed with the use of local ward data and local housing knowledge. The mixture of house types have been designed to deliver a simple architectural language. The facades comprise mostly of red brick to reflect the brick colour predominantly used in the locality. Brick detailing around the entrance doors provides the opportunity to use contrasted brick to define the entrances and allow for individuality of the homes. Air source heat pumps provide a zero carbon heat source.

The Outcome

We have worked alongside Rotherham Metropolitan Council across a number of sites to assess the number of houses each site can accommodate. Each site has been assessed using a 2B4P semi-detached 2 storey house type with off street parking and garden to give a baseline capacity.