WM Morrisons Hillsborough Barracks


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Race Cottam's involvement with Sheffield's Victorian Hillsborough Barracks began following the creation of a new Superstore for Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc.

The Brief

The Design Team were briefed to provide a mixed Retail, Leisure and Office Complex within the boundaries of the old Barracks.

The team worked closely with both the Developer, George Longden Estates and the Principal Tenant, Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc and were also in constant contact with the Planning Authority, to ensure that the design objectives were achieved.

The Design

The Grade II listed site comprises of 4 major elements:

- Office Development

- Superstore

- Shopping Mall

- Restaurants

The Outcome

New building work is extensive and wherever possible has been cloaked by the Victorian facades of the existing buildings. Where exposed to view, the Design Team have produced sensitive architectural solutions which blend with the existing. These have been carefully constructed from stone and slate and the special stone details retained from the demolished buildings on site.