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The existing building was built in 1979 by Faulkner Browns, architects of some of the most inventive (and often controversial) buildings in the world.

The Brief

Interior Design and refurbishment of Milton Keynes Council Civic Offices. More info coming soon…

The Design

The colour scheme is a modern interpretation of the colours, fashion and interior design of the period of the existing building. Many interior design pieces of this era, in particular furniture design have remained timeless and are considered design classics so it is hoped that using this period for inspiration will provide a timeless solution to the colour proposals for the new civic offices for the 21st Century.

The Outcome

A rich palette of colours including terracotta reds, deep yellows, cyans highlight the varying activities and differentiate zoning for each floor for example kitchenettes are in yellow and toilets in green. This colour coding per activity helps to give some legibility to a very large floor plan and helps to break down the scale of the large floor plate.