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Nov 22

Designing for Net Zero Carbon?  Lilly Ingleby Presents Toolkit at Green Register Conference


Net zero is widely discussed in construction, especially when it comes to building design, yet there is much upskilling still required across the sector. Our architect, certified Passive House designer and net zero carbon lead, Lilly Ingleby has been invited to give a presentation at the forthcoming Green Register Conference focusing on the tools available to help architects design out embodied carbon.

“Industry-wide, there’s much debate about how to reduce operational carbon i.e. the amount of emissions a building produces once in use, and less about embodied carbon, which is what my presentation will address,” says Lilly. “I’m encouraging clients, contractors, installers and other designers to become better informed about embodied carbon and why it’s important to measure this at design stage.

“As well as outlining some of the broader context and targets, I’ll highlight real-life case studies from Race Cottam’s current portfolio including DfE schools, a beta project we’re advising on for the NHS, and a residential eco-village in Kent. The latter will address the question of retrofit, and where embodied carbon should form part of that conversation, including challenging the brief.

“I’ll also share what tools are available to calculate embodied carbon and the pros and cons of each one. Hopefully attendees will leave armed with a toolkit of ideas for how they can demonstrate a designed reduction,” added Lilly.

The Green Register of Construction Professionals is an independent organisation providing training for all construction disciplines to design and build more sustainable buildings. Its end of year conference brings together public and private sector professionals and takes place on 8 December at The Foundation in Bristol. This year’s theme is the Circular Built Environment. You can register to attend here and do let Lilly or our senior architectural technologist, Chris Halligan know to look out for you!