Chris Halligan

Senior Architectural Technologist

Chris recently joined RCA, bringing with him a wealth of experience gained from a lengthy career across a wide breadth of construction design.  Holding an MSc with distinction in Sustainable Architecture, Chris has published award winning research and has played a key role in several innovative projects with environmental principles at their heart. 

Chris has a particular interest in sustainable materials and is currently a member of CIAT's Climate Action Group who are progressing and promoting the decarbonisation agenda in respect of architectural technology. 

After recent involvement in large scale social housing projects, Chris has moved to RCA to return to  a wider range of projects, which will hopefully be as equally fulfilling and beneficial to communities.

Outside of work, Chris is a keen boater and kayaker and can usually be found at weekends spent on various rivers with friends and family.

Chris’s favourite building is High Desert House by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. He has already been lucky enough to receive, several years ago, what he considers his dream commission of being asked to spend three months researching classical Indian architecture. Chris would love however to design either a museum or a major transport hub.

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