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Aug 22

Breaking Down Pre-Conceptions with an Introduction to Architecture


Our Part II Architectural Assistant Marie Braithwaite took a break from the office to spend the summer holidays teaching the next generation of architects at Immerse Education in Cambridge.  The 'Introduction to Architecture' course introduces the basics of an undergraduate architecture course in an energetic and engaging two-week programme.

 “It’s always a little daunting walking into a room full of teenagers, they keep you on your toes but by the end of the sessions I’m always sad to leave” explains Marie.   “The team at Immerse are great to work with and I love being able to return to the messy creative elements of architecture that you don’t get so much in practice, it’s a great reminder of where you started and how far you’ve come yourself.

“My favourite part though, is breaking down the pre-conceptions of students who think they must be excellent at maths and art.  Seeing their minds open to the idea that architecture and urban design is inherently political and can be used to tackle many of the social and climate issues facing today’s world, reignites my own passion for the subject.  Their grasp of world issues and the design projects they produce are inspiring and gives me hope that the next generation will do great things.”

Marie is currently working towards her Part III at RCA and is due to qualify with the University of Westminster over the coming months.