Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Facility

Alexandra Dock, Hull

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RCA are currently developing designs for the Seimens Gamesa offshore wind turbine blade manufacturing facility expansion. 

The Brief

The £82m project at Alexandra Dock, Hull, is set to create 200 jobs and increase the facility’s existing building footprint from 36,000 to 39,000 sqm, with two new additional buildings at 45,000 sqm.

The Design

Race Cottam’s technical expertise in process sheds is invaluable to the design, with careful consideration being given to the conditions of the internal environment including humidity, ventilation and cooling. Megadoors of up to 11 metres facilitate the final stages of transferring of the completed blades to the adjacent ship.

The Outcome

Waterman’s Building Services Director, Steven Halmshaw, said: “With a backdrop of rising demand for sustainably produced energy, coupled with increasing efficiency in capture and storage methods, the increased capacity of this specialist manufacturing facility will ultimately help secure a climate-resilient future for the UK, whilst bringing vital employment opportunities to the region.”

The facility is due to complete in May 2023. The completed scheme will place Seimens Gamesa as the largest wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in the uk.