Sheffield College Campus Extension

Sheffield College, Olive Grove Campus

The Brief

Sheffield College are looking to expand the existing motor vehicle facility on the Olive Grove campus to support increased learner numbers and include additional teaching spaces and workshops. To further support the increased number of learners, alterations are proposed to the existing entrance, student services, dining and LRC areas to increase the amount of LRC and flexible learning spaces available to students within the college, as well as providing an extended entrance to showcase the facility.

The Design

The College has received funding from the DfE to support an increase in post-16 student numbers to expand its motor vehicle provision.‚ÄčThe current design does not the needs of the curriculum, having limited learning spaces. In order to meet their growing needs The Sheffield College is looking to both reconfigure some of their existing spaces and to extend upon the existing building. Race Cottam has designed a two-storey extension and intends to create additional classroom spaces, clean and dirty motor vehicle bays and an extended entrance to better showcase learning within Olive Grove.

The Outcome

The funding requires the scheme to be complete for September 2024 in time for the start of the 24/25 academic year.