Hazel Whittaker

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Hazel has recently returned to RCA as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant after joining the team for work experience in 2017. 

Hazel enjoys the conceptual stages of projects and translating ideas into the real world.  She takes a hands on approach; making models to bring her ideas to life!  

Living in Rotterdam for a year really helped Hazel understand the possibilities of bold urban planning when people are prioritised over cars.  She is passionate about urban design and the context and connections between buildings, believing the space surrounding a building to be as important as the building itself.  

Outside of work Hazel enjoys everything outdoors in the city and countryside - walking, cycling and climbing and is also a keen netballer!

Hazel’s favourite building in Sheffield is the Winter Gardens, seeing the value in freely accessible space - a city lounge - in the city centre.

Her dream commission would be a new masterplan of Sheffield which would improve connections between the city and the Peak District, and prioritise people and buses instead of cars!

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