Barnaby Miles


Barnaby joined RCA as an Architect in November 2023.  He has worked on projects across the UK with a mixture of Healthcare, Veterinary and Housing at a variety of scales.

Barnaby is an Architect with a conscientious and creative drive to develop ideas for the benefit of people.

His proactive approach aims to refine client’s ideas into reality with a drive for social and environmental sustainability. This interest has been key in medical jobs he has worked on; as well as  the implementaion of BREEAM schemes.

Barnaby works part time as a lecturer at De Montfort University where he tutors undergraduate studies in Design and CAD software; encouraging the students to think about the future from a social and environmental perspective.

Outside of work; Barnaby channels his creativity into a variety of projects stretching from his podcast to making his own clothes. He also enjoys salsa dancing, weightlifting, and running.

Barnaby’s favourite building is the Alhambra in Grenada, and his dream commission would be to redesign Blood donation centres.

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