Albert Greenhalgh

Architectural Technologist

Albert is an architectural technologist with a keen eye for detail and a knowledge of a variety of design processes that provide unique design solutions.

His experience ranges from small, personal residential projects to larger, public and private projects in the education and sports and leisure sectors. Since joining Race Cottam Associates  he has been heavily involved in developing the technical elements of CAPA College, a new performing arts college in Wakefield.

Albert has a passion for sustainability in construction;  through the integration and optimisation of active and passive strategies to minimise energy expenditure throughout the lifecycle of a building and through carfeul selection of materials. He is interested in how the further integration of technology will affect the design process.

Albert is a keen sportsman, enjoying the grappling of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and the challenge of mountaineering and rock climbing. Albert also has an interest in Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Astronomy.

His favourite building is the Salt  Lake CIty Temple in Utah and his dream commission would be to take on the challenge of a city masterplan.

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