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Nov 17

Cory Riverside Energy Reveals Plans For New Energy Park In London

Cory Riverside Energy has revealed ambitous plans to build an integrated, low-carbon energy park at its site in Belvedere, South East London.  The new park would complement the existing Riverside Energy Recovery Facility, delivered by Race Cottam.  Techhnologies will include waste energy recovery, anaerobic digestion, solar panels and battery storage.

Riverside Energy Park would enable the company to convert even more of London's residual "black bin" waste into green electricity, particularly during times of peak usage, and produce cheap heat for export to nearby homes and businesses.  In addition, it woud continue to convert the residual ash that is left over at the end of the process into construction materials useful for building London's homes and roads.

Cory will develop the scheme and consult with the local community and other organisations about the proposals before formally submitting an application for development consent.