Planning Granted for Cataract Centre 17 Jan 2017

Planning permission has been granted for the Race Cottam designed Cataract Centre at Sheffield Teaching Hospital's Northern General Site.

Race Cottam was appointed by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to work with their team of experts to develop designs for the new facility.  The £4 million facility is to be the first of its type,  integrating pre-assessment, theatres, and post-operative care, including an outpatient's unit, in a singular building.  The building has been designed to minimise waiting times,  and increase patient throughput by utilising a flexible layout and a series of interconnected rooms.  We have paid particular attention to accessibility issues associated with impaired vision and mobility, carefully selecting the palette of materials to clearly define the building entrance.  The building has been designed to create simple and logical patient routes, with a clear division between outpatients and theatre facilities, which share a common reception at the centre.

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Planning Granted for Cataract Centre